Tallinna Rootsi-Mihkli kogudus

About the organs of Swedish St Michael's Church

The present organ is the third one. The oldest organ (by Johann Andreas Stein, 1813), that has been in Käsmu Church, Virumaa, since the second half of the 19th century, may contain some organ parts that are the very oldest in the Baltic countries.

Before the Second World War the church had an organ, it was built by Carl Tanton (possibly mid-19th century, in the photo) that was demolished in the 1940s. Its pipes were used in many other organs, among others to restore the organ of the Theatre Estonia that had been destroyed in the wartime air-raid.

The present organ (see: gallery) was made in Sweden in the 1950s by the company Åckermann & Lund.

The organ was given to the church in 2000 by the Stockholm Täby parish, the repairs were sponsored by the Stockholm diocese and Huddinge ecclesiastical council.

In the course of the repairs made by Estonian Company Kriisa Organ Building, the organ was provided with Trumpet 8. This organ has been used for recording several concerts.

Technical data: The organ is mechanical, has 2 manuals and 21 registers. Disposition:

I Manual          II Manual              Pedaal
Principal 8'       Salicional 8'           Subbass 16'
Rörflöjt 8'        Gedackt 8'            Fagott 16'
Oktava 4'        Koppelflöjt 4'         Oktavbas 8'
Ged. flöjt 4'     Principal 2'             Ged. = pommer 4'
Salicet 4'         Gemshorm 1'         Nachthorn 2'
Waldflöjt 2'      Sesquialtera 2 ch.   I/p
Mixtur 4-5 ch.  Krummhorn 8'        II/p
Dulcian 16'      Tremulant 
Trompete 8'    Sw II man